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2 answers

How to set up tor private network without the simulator

Is there a way to make the private tor network do not use the simulator, such as shadow or chutney? If possible, do you how can I set up?
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1 answer

How to use shadow

I am a Japanese university student. I decided to research Tor Browser graduation thesis. I've heard that I could use Shadow. However, I did not know how to use it. Could you tell me if there is a site ...
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1 answer

Tor experimentation with replay traffic

I want to replay some real traffic and send it through Tor to collect Tor encrypted traffic. From what I have read so far, the shadow simulator or a private Tor testbed seem to be the best and safest ...
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Simulating Correlation attacks on Tor using Shadow

Is it possible to simulate correlation attacks on Tor using Shadow? If it's possible what's the easiest way to implement it? If it's not possible, then is there any other simulators that can be used ...
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