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Tor Browser's "new circuit": SSL session, DNS cache, and other details

If I understand correctly Tor Browser's "new circuit" attaches new connections to a new circuit while letting old connections finish in the old circuit. It does not clear out cookies, so ...
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How to view circuit details (including security keys) in Tor?

I wonder if its possible to find the session keys for Tor's circuit for a hidden service such as facebookcorewwwi.onion (or public site)? There are 4 keys used in connecting to a site: Key between ...
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3 answers

session restore

Tor became unresponsive for no reason,& immediately firefox became unresponsive.then,Tor crashed,& after about 35 seconds firefox crashed. i wish that firefox would just continue working like ...
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How can I reset my IP address and stay on the same page?

Whenever I hit "New Identity" it knocks me out of my session, is there a way to just simply have it reload?
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Entry guards and separate identities

I have just finished reading the posting on arma's blog about entry guards and I'm trying to reconcile what I have read there with what I (think) I understand from other postings about Tor. First, I ...
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Why do some websites reset my session?

When I visit some web sites, there is some strange behaviour. First I can browse through the page without any problems. Then out of nowhere I land again on the main page. After this happened I can ...
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