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Security of TBB with Comodo sandbox

Does Comodo Internet Security sandbox improve the security of TBB or does it compromise the security of the browser? What sandbox do you recommend for TBB on Windows?
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How can I run multiple instances of the Tor Browser Sandbox in linux?

The Tor Browser Sandbox is pretty great (thanks Yawning!) but how can one run multiple instances of it at the same time?
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JavaScript sandbox that makes it less dangerous?

Should we anticipate Tor to develop/integrate something that will make JavaScript less potentially dangerous, in a way that provides websites with basic JavaScript functionalities while still ...
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How to sandbox/harden tor browser bundle?

A few months ago the user Canonizing Ironize suggested: Run tor-browser-bundle with another user Create a new network namespace so the process only sees the local loopback device, create a read-...
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