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Questions relating to relays, their maintenance, and operation.

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Is it safe to run an entry node server?

After some research, I found that there are mostly relay (middle) nodes, and less exit and entry nodes. But why? The connection from the client to the entry node is encrypted, so there should be no ...
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Are there any good practices to keep my Tor relay's private key safe? [closed]

Assuming that I run a Tor relay on a virtual private server running linux, are there any good practices to keep my relay's private key safe? We can take for granted that software packages constantly ...
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11 votes
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What are the minimum requirements for running a relay?

If I want to create a bunch of Tor relays running Linux with various VPS providers and want to save on cost, what is the minimum hardware config that I can get away with while still effectively ...
21 votes
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What are the implications of a Relay hosting a Hidden Service?

Are there any implications if whilst running a non-exit relay, I also use the same machine to host a Hidden Service? Specifically: How will this affect the anonymity of the Hidden Service (in terms ...
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