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A widely used Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi, a cheap ARM powered computer. Raspbian is based on Debian.

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How do I solve problem bootstrapping Tor Browser with raspberry

My ISP don't block tor.So last weeks I have problem to connect tor browser. I have a raspberry pi that run tor. The below web page show my setup. ...
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Tor-relay on raspberry : /var/lib/tor

I run a tor relay on a Raspberry Pi, with ramdisk e.g. used for /var/lib/tor and some other folders that see lots of data written, so that the SD card does not see too many writes. No the folder /...
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No connections to bridge

I set up a bridge at home on my Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Buster) using these instructions, and I believe everything is configured correctly... But there is no activity in or out of my bridge. Here's ...
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SSH Tor Hidden Service on Pi3 - Cannot create hidden service directory

I'm pretty confused by this. Took a little learning on my desktop but it was a completely different issue. I just got my Pi 3 setup, installed tor (sudo apt-get install tor) as well as everything tor-...
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Raspberry with TOR relay and read-only filesystems

I run a Raspberry Pi as a TOR node and use an SD card. The last SD card died, probably due to too much data being written to it. I'm already using the setting AvoidDiskWrites 1 So I've set up ...
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Building Tor locally from src on raspberry pi

After wondering why Tor would download but would not run on my raspberry pi, I found this question. How To Run Tor On Raspberry Pi. The answer says: Solution If you want to run newer Tor versions ...
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Can't reach port 9050

I have a problem with tor (this version and also 0.2.7.*). After compilation, with and without installation afterwards, I can'treach port 9050. I would like to see with arm what's going on but it ...
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Why is my measured bandwidth so low compared to actual -- is there a off by 1K issue?

I've noticed my Tor relay measured bandwidth is very low compared to both my advertized and external-to-Tor measured bandwidth. Based on the following observations, I wonder: is there's a 1K scale ...
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Tor dying on Raspberry Pi (circuit creation storm, out of memory)

UPD: this question was regarding an older version of Tor ( With a newer version (which was for me) the problem disappeared. I am running Tor ( relay on Raspberry Pi (...
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Arm for Tor Relay Bandwidth Descrepancies

I'm running a Tor Relay on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. I installed Arm as to monitor bandwidth. The line that says "Bandwidth (limit: 800.0 Kb/s, burst: 1.5 Mb/s, measured 160 b/s)" claims my ...
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Tor build fails on Raspberry Pi -

I'm trying to compile Tor from source on the latest version of Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi Model B according to the instructions on the Tor Project website. I started compilation with debuild -...
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How to run Tor on Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi?

The Debian/Ubuntu packages from[docs] do not work on the Raspberry Pi when running Raspbian: $ tor --version Illegal instruction Why, and how can I still run Tor versions ...
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