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Using legacy hardware and can't update

I'm running a legacy machine with an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ processor and Release 9 (stretch) 32-bit Debian Linux. Tor has always worked well but starting with the first release of Tor Browser 8.0 I am ...
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Installing Tor on network firewall

Can Tor be installed on a network firewall such as Smoothwall? I'd like to have the firewall serve as the relay and free up the PCs behind it.
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What is the preferred OS platform with respect to TBB in the sense of minimization of security risks?

Different OS platforms offer advantages and disadvantages in term of security as far as user is concerned. Some maybe open-source, others may not be. Some may have huge user base, others may have a ...
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Compiling Tor on Windows, what is needed?

The current stable version of Tor, works well on Win98/ME/2000. The present 0.2.4 versions require XP or newer. I'd like to compile the 0.2.4 versions to run on Win98 through Win 2000. What ...
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What platforms does Tor work on?

I'm looking for a list of the operating systems/architectures Tor runs on while being supported by the Tor Project, and if it can be compiled on other system not directly supported by the Tor Project. ...
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