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Recovery of Tails persistent volume disk image copy using hashcat

I mistyped the password for a temporary persistent storage volume I made, having misplaced my normal Tails drive. I have attempted to follow OPs instructions from here:
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Unable to save edited torrc in Tails

Logged in as admin then used: sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc ExcludeNodes {us},{de},{fr} ExcludeExitNodes {us},{au},{ca},{nz},{gb},{fr} CTRL-X sudo systemctl restart tor This works for the current session ...
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What encryption does Tails use for persistent storage?

I've gathered that persistent storage in Tails uses LUKS, but I can't find the specifics of the encryption, e.g. the algorithm. Most of the Tails website and other various places is scant with ...
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Tails: How to connect Tails to a Samba network-share?

Quick question: Is there any way to connect Tails to a Samba-based shared-folder in the local network? Now the more difficult part is: Do I have to configure the Samba-server for an access coming ...
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Load an html file in tails browser while offline?

Using tails 2.1, I am trying to open an html file in a browser from persistent storage / or usb drive. If I try to open in Tor browser (default), it is not loaded at all. (I tried disabling all add-...
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How can I edit the torrc file permanently (persistently)?

I am using Tails 2.9.1, and edit the torrc file at etc/tor/torrc. I have enabled persistence and edit as administrator. Edits to that file function for that session only, and are gone the next time I ...
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Use Tails Persistent volume with ISO

I have a USB stick contaning a number of ISO images that uses Grub to boot into whichever one is selcted from its menu. One of these ISOs is Tails. Part of the USB stick is partitioned as a ...
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DuckDuckGo is strangely behaving like a browser hijacker. I've already tried your tips. Pls advise [duplicate]

I think I've tried everything: made Disconnect my default search engine (instead of Duk); unchecked all other search engines; made Tor my default browser (instead of Mozilla); untrusted Duk & ...
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Login to, request "New Tor circuit for this site", still recognizes original login

Using TorBrowser, login with username and password on (e.g., google, amazon, etc.), then ask TorBrowser for "New Tor circuit for this site." Why does (sometimes) recognize this "new ...
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Tails display errors and persistence errors!

First off, I am running Tails live off of a USB drive on a MacBook Retina. Everything boots up fine, but the display resolution is way to high for my screen and everything looks so small. When I try ...
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Install Iceweasel in Persistence (?)

I'm interested in keeping all of my add-ons I install on Iceweasel to stay there for the next time I boot up Tails OS. I've tried Firefox sync but all it does is upload and will not restore to the ...
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Entry guards are persistent for a period of time when using Tor. How is it done?

One may use multiple systems to connect to Tor. It maybe done from different physical locations. Sometimes it is direct access to Tor, other times connection to Tor maybe via VPN. My question is how ...
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