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Orweb is a companion browser for Orbot, the port of Tor to Android.

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1 vote
2 answers

How to make Tor work using mobile data?

I have Orbot and Orweb downloaded on my android (samsung s3) it connects when I have my wifi on and I can search fine but when I use my data, the page only loads 25% and then hangs. Do I need to ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to fix error 504 on Android?

Can a 504 error be fixed? Please help me. no matter what deepweb site I search on orweb or orfox it results with the 504 error. Don't know what to do. I have a galaxy s3 mini and don't want to root it....
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Orweb copy page url [closed]

I am running orweb/ orbot on a Sony Xperia z2. I can't find out how to copy / paste a page url. Is this possible?
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