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What events led to Freedom Hosting going down? [closed]

Freedom Hosting was one of the largest .onion website hosts until it suddenly started serving malicious code, and eventually went offline (presumably permanently). What was the sequence of events ...
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What are the threat differences to accessing hidden services compared to the regular internet over Tor?

I understand many of the possible attacks against a user visiting a regular website over Tor but I am wondering, what are the potential attacks to identify a connection between a user and a hidden ...
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Can government agencies track what sites I'm visiting when using Tor?

Can agencies such as the NSA or GCHQ track what websites I'm visiting if I'm using the Tor Browser Bundle? What about hidden services?
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Securely hosting a Tor hidden service/site

There are some detailed instructions for setting up a Tor site at torproject.org1. It seems that it would be most secure to use a dedicated machine for this task if possible. I've read elsewhere that ...
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How strong is the anonymity of a hidden service compared to an average Tor client? How much easier is it to learn the Hidden Service's IP address?

Another way of putting this: How hard would it be to de-anonymize a hidden service? By "de-anonymize" I mean revealing the IP address of whatever server the hidden service is hosted on. Of course, ...
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Can a hidden service be hosted by multiple instances of Tor?

Is it possible for multiple Tor clients, running on different machines or even networks, to publish the same Tor hidden service using the same private key to load balance requests between them?
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How do Hidden Services get .onion domains that aren't random?

Hidden Services usually have a long-ish string of alphanumeric characters for their .onion address, and this is generated by Tor as part of the Hidden Service Configuration. How did some Hidden ...
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What are the implications of a Relay hosting a Hidden Service?

Are there any implications if whilst running a non-exit relay, I also use the same machine to host a Hidden Service? Specifically: How will this affect the anonymity of the Hidden Service (in terms ...
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