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What does the middle node of my Tor circuit know about my guard node?

Can the middle node of my Tor circuit detect if I am using a bridge and/or pluggable transport?
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Increasing number of middle relays weakens the anonymity?

Tor nodes build encrypted TLS sessions between neighbors to multiplex circuits of users. Multiplexing helps to anonymize users (?). With an increasing number of middle relays multiplexing becomes ...
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Why is my middle relay not picking up much traffic?

I have been running a middle relay on a Linode VPS for many months now (atlas report). My only bandwidth-relevant torrc setting is AccountingMax, set to 2 TB. The available bandwidth advertised by ...
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All IPs which are connecting to Middle, except the IPs in consensus file are Bridges?

All IPs which are connecting to Middle Realy, except the IPs in the consensus file are Bridge IPs? Are there any other IPs possible?
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Is it possible to run a Tor middle node on Windows 10?

I have a Windows PC, and I'm wanting to run a middle node on it. The problem is, after a LOT of googling, I see nothing on how to run a middle node on Windows. In fact, on https://community.torproject....
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