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Google Recaptcha not working in TOR Browser

In our website we provide Google Recaptcha V2 for users during login process, and the user must clear the Recaptcha verification before they can login else the user cannot login to the website. This ...
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How can I disable Tor's automatic IP circuit renewal process?

I have an issue with this process when trying to log in or authenticate to a site where I only want to use the VPN and don't want the IP to change automatically at that time, as it interferes with the ...
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login to youtube via tor browser

Can my account and password be hacked after logging in to youtube? And will Tor no longer be anonymous forever or when closing and reopening tor returns to operating securely and anonymously without ...
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Accessing Yahoo Mail and GMail using TOR

Can someone give me the TOR web address for logging into Yahoo Mail and Gmail? Also, how much does opening either of these using TOR and a VPN anonymize your personal info, IP, etc? Thanks Beforehand.....
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Disqus/ other commenting systems login not working in TOR

This is not a duplicate question about websites blocking TOR by IP. I'm hitting some issue where clicking on the login button or dropdown with Disqus and other commenting sites opens a new browser ...
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How can I import login credentials from other browsers or keychain or file?

I have passwords stored in keychain and a browser (brave browser) and an exported version as a CSV file. How can I import it to Tor browser login password system? Thank you
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Can my university network IT see the IP address of the obfs4 bridge node?

Can my university network IT see the IP address of the obfs4 bridge node when I use my private laptop computer and Tor Browser to log in my university network account and connect to the Tor network? ...
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