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Onionbalance: Got the wrong number of responsible HSDirs: 5. Aborting

I have a hidden service with OnionBalancer. Service has been running for a long time but lately the OnionBalancer just stopped. From the logs: [INFO]: Initialized hash ring of size 3906 (blinded key: ...
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Running tor on 2 ISPs with load balancing

I have 2 ISPs (Vivo and NET) on load balancing by my Cisco RV340. This makes outside internet peers to see me as if I kept alternating 2 different IPs, because each connection is randomly sent to one ...
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Content Delivery Networks and Tor

For a number of reasons not critical to my question, I've decided that my website, currently on the clear web, would serve my users more effectively as an .onion site. I'm still researching Tor ...
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My Tor Browser runs very slowly

Compared with my previous use of Firefox, browsing with Tor runs very slowly. Is this because Tor Browser is loading ads that you can't se because of ad blockers?
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How to protect a hidden service against DDOS attack?

How to protect a hidden service against DDOS attack? I did some research and found that it is possible to do load balancing with HAProxy. Is there any other solution that could be implemented?
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Should we expect to see Tor Hidden Services get load balancing (similar to I2P's and multi-homing feature) in the next several years?

I realize this question would be highly subject to unknown variables, but I have to presume a few devs are at least partially interested in onion features and someone might have an idea where load ...
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Can a hidden service be hosted by multiple instances of Tor?

Is it possible for multiple Tor clients, running on different machines or even networks, to publish the same Tor hidden service using the same private key to load balance requests between them?
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