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Tor 'service start' not working on NetHunter Kali Linux

I am using NetHunter Kali Linux. I am using the Tor service to start the Tor hidden services. When I enter sudo service tor start in the command line, the following error pops up: /etc/init.d/tor: ...
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I am having trouble with starting tor service

I am using Kali Linux, and have installed tor service via apt-get. After executing sudo systemctl start tor, but says I am not using tor. Here is some information I found ...
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Tor browser not launching after installation on Kali

This is my first post on the community, any help is much appreciated. I did install both tor and torbrowser-launcher on my Kali machine, but when I tried to run the command "torbrowser-launcher&...
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Make Tor go through bridge by configuring torrc file

Hey everyone i want to know is there anyway that when i switch on my pc (os: kali linux) my pc automatic get connected to tor using bridge? I have already used normal systemctl command to start Tor by ...
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Tor services seems to be not working

Well, things like that: I installed toriptables around a week ago, and it is worked perfectly. But about 3-4 days ago I tried to run iptables again and then it is just constantly showed me "...
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Whonix workstation + Whonix gateway vs Kali + Whonix gateway

I see a lot of people using Kali and Whonix gateway instead of the original Whonix workstation and gateway. Why would they do that? What are the differences and are there any pros/cons?
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Tor install in Kali linux will not work?

I have downloaded Tor and tried to install but when I try to open the install it just opens a text file. Is there something else that I need? What am I doing wrong? Sorry this is the Tor I ...
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Tor browser won't open (kali roling 2016.2)

When I launch tor ('tor' command via the shell), the shell show me theses lines : But, nothing happen after the "Bootstrapped 100%: Done" :/ I restart my computer and re-tested I purge tor (sudo ...
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Tor connecting to HTTP

I need Tor to connect to my adult website "". For some reason it will not connect as it is HTTP. It seems all tor traffic HTTPS. My question is how can I force tor to connect to ...
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Tor Browser Bundle must be run within the X Window System. Exiting

I was following the Tor installation process in Kali Linux. When I attempted to run the ./start-tor-browser command while logged in as root, which is the default in Kali Linux, it did not work. So I ...
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How to channel all traffic on Kali linux through Tor?

I am new to Tor and linux in general, but I have installed Kali linux and installed Tor and downloaded Tor bundle, but I realised only when I browse through the Tor bundle browser is when my traffic ...
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