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Cloudflare changes my Tor Exit Node

I set up in Tor Browser Exitnodes {lu} StrictNodes 1 and it works very well on all websites. But when I go to one website where they have cloudflare, I will see the "Checking If The Site ...
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How often should i click on "Create new identity"?

I know that this is to clear cache, cookies, DNS and also other things that i don't know. I want to know when should i "Create new identity".
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Is Tor network traceable

I am curious how I can rely on Tor network in terms of traceability. I am looking for really professional who can say if my Tor communication is secure, if a Tor exit node is detectable or traceable....
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Auto - New Tor Circuit For This Site or New Identity

Building a JS chat for local network. Users are based on IP addresses. I want to open a URL in Tor Browser with a new circuit or a new identity after a set of defined seconds automatically. Is there ...
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torcc file missing on Mac OS Sierra?

Trying to get Tor to renew my identity for my Python code. I'm following the STEM project guide on how to set this up. It seems that to get this properly working (for Python), I need to edit the ...
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Changing identity using Tor and Stem

I'm following the tutorial To Russia With Love, and as part of this I want to change the identity everytime I run the code. I've looked at multiple questions and tutorials and from the looks of it my ...
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Iterate through List of Exitnodes

I am working on some kind of Exitnode Scanner (Like SoaT from Mike Perry). I have downloaded the list of all running Exitnode-IPs and I want to use each IP to build a 3-hop-circuit (or connect ...
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How to automate browsing task in Tor via terminal?

I want to write some script which would automate task like entering a website and clicking on a certain button or filling a form and then reset the tor identity. Right now I can make a macro with ...
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How to set Tor for use in the UK and other countries [duplicate]

I am using the latest version of the Tor Browser, but I am at a loss on how to configure it for a UK (and other countries, later on) IP address. Obviously, I want to appear that I am in the UK to ...
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How to assign new identity when using the "advanced" version?

So how do I do this in MacOS Yosemite and Windows 7 ? In the previous windows releases Tor wasn't running in the background so I could just close the app and run it again. But in the new version when ...
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First Circuit Server Constant (New Identity) [duplicate]

No matter what I am trying, I can't change the first server in the circuit. Neither "New Identity" nor "New Circuit" or closing the browser will change it. I tried two different tor instances from ...
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New exit node with new identity that hasn't already been used?

I am using Tor to vote on a poll that tracks the IP address of the voter. Upon clicking new identity sometimes I get a previous used exit node instead of a new one. Is there a way to prevent that from ...
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How can I get a different exit node IP each time I get a new identity?

I would like to get a new exit node IP addresses each time I get a new Identity and most of the times it works but sometimes I get the same ones as before. Is there an option to remove duplicate exit ...
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Same DNS server for many different Tor 'idenitities'

In my browser (Iceweasel), which is running with Tor via proxychains, I changed my IP address a good few times, by restarting Tor. Each time, I did the standard test at and, the result ...
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