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Google is a corporation specializing in search, cloud computing, software, and other Internet-related services and products.

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No Google audio captchas via Tor?

Sometimes, when Google’s new captchas annoy me when using Tor, I would like to use Google’s audio captchas as an alternative. But as soon as I click on the headphone symbol in order to listen to an ...
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Gmail and Gtalk over Tor suggestions

How should one best access Google communications and social services, like Gmail, Talk/Hangouts, and maybe G+ over Tor? I'll propose the default threat model for interacting with Google as : We've ...
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Google Recaptcha not working in TOR Browser

In our website we provide Google Recaptcha V2 for users during login process, and the user must clear the Recaptcha verification before they can login else the user cannot login to the website. This ...
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Google Play Store detects wrong IP address when using Tor

I use Tor when accessing the Play Store. I have Tor to use US exit nodes only and I've confirmed by looking up my IP while using Tor that I indeed have US IPs. However, when accessing Play Store, Play ...
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Does Google analytics track users with Tor browser?

I have visited some of my sites with the Tor browser and checked Google Analytics(GA4) to track the activity in real-time. but I did not have any data in my G.A panel! Is it reasonable that G.A ...
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How to create an anonymous Google account using TorBrowser

I want to create an anonymous Google account using Tor and a free SMS receiving service. However, when I use Tor, I can't get phone number verification. What should I do?
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Is Tor private when i am connecting to google from the same machine?

For example: On my windows computer, i am visiting a website on the Tor browser. At the same time, i am watching a youtube video on google Chrome on the same windows computer. Can google know which ...
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How can I post on Super User using Tor?

I continue to get the message Your post cannot be submitted at this time due to the volume of spam and abuse originating from your network. We apologize for any inconvenience. See the help center ...
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