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Google is a corporation specializing in search, cloud computing, software, and other Internet-related services and products.

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Does Google know that I am using Tor Browser?

Whenever I search something through Google using Tor Browser, it: Either shows me the Google Sorry page and doesn't allow me to proceed further: Or asks me to enter the CAPTCHA to view the search ...
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Google display language

I recently downloaded the TOR browser. Upon using it for the first time, Microsoft locked me out of my e-mail account and my Google search home page was changed from U.S. to France. I seem to have ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Google indexing Onion hidden sites?

So I was searching to see what happened to Dread Pirate Roberts, the creator of underground marketplace Silkroad, and I came across something very strange; onion websites URLs being crawled by Google (...
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Are Google’s captchas often downright impossible to solve for Tor users because reCAPTCHA is *lying* to them?

(Stack Exchange’s system tells me that my question appears to be subjective and is likely to be closed. But judge for yourself if this is the case.) Do you remember when Google used text captchas ...
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Login to, request "New Tor circuit for this site", still recognizes original login

Using TorBrowser, login with username and password on (e.g., google, amazon, etc.), then ask TorBrowser for "New Tor circuit for this site." Why does (sometimes) recognize this "new ...
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How do Google servers discriminate anonymous users?

First of all, I am a new user of Tor and a very naive computer user in general, so excuse me if I am too thick. When I searched anything on Google using Tor, most times I got the 'Error 403 forbidden'...
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Gmail and Gtalk over Tor suggestions

How should one best access Google communications and social services, like Gmail, Talk/Hangouts, and maybe G+ over Tor? I'll propose the default threat model for interacting with Google as : We've ...
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