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git with tor v3 auth key

I have a git server as a hidden service with v3 auth enabled on it. I of course can browse to the site supplying my private key. I cannot clone from the site over http, because I assume it is ...
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Is git cli safe to be used with torsocks?

Theoretically, how safe is it to "torsocks git clone/pull/push"? Git is not listed as one of the "100% Safe" applications in the wiki, but considering it uses either ssh or HTTP(S) ...
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Is there a way to connect to a git remote located on the onion hidden service?

I have recently set up an onion hidden service specifically to use it with git. I've used the method described in the answer for this question, however, I wasn't able to figure out the exact way to ...
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Making a Tor pull request

How can I submit a pull request to the Tor core repo?
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is it possible to have a hidden git service?

Just like we have websites ending in .onion , can we have a git server running on Tor ? Theoretically it should be possible as git could be thought of as an FTP server. Has somebody done it and shared ...
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