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Tor ExitNodes not working in the torrc?

I'm new to Tor and installed it and torsocks on a fresh ubuntu machine. I've set up and configured the torrc file with the following parameters: ExitNodes A0C59410B9030AC1385C4CA44C8DBFE13AF4BC9B ...
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sanitize using policies.json

I am trying to set up a policies.json file and I can't get the sanitize option to work. I want it to clear download history but that isn't working. It isn't showing up under about:policies and when I ...
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Does an exit relay also relays non-exit traffic?

I would like to run an exit relay, but I don't want to deal with almost any abuse issues. So I figured to only exit to hidden services. If my understandings are right, the exit policy and the relay ...
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Is denial of service possible by getting the exit node to create another circuit?

Even though circuit length is limited to 8, can an attacker create a circuit of length 8, and then get the exit node to create another circuit of length 8 (get the exit node to be a Tor client)? Then ...
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is it possible for an exit node operator to reroute traffic through the tor network?

is it possible for an exit node operator to reroute traffic through the tor network, despite all the disadvantages? What effect would that have anonymity and finally what would happen if the software ...
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Multiple ip addresses for tor exit nodes

Is it possible for tor exit nodes, or all nodes to have multiple ip addresses say 2 billion so that they alternate each user request through those ip addresses because presently tor addresses are ...
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Tor and Exit nodes - just a question

Given the fact that exit nodes seem to be implicated with just about every bad story covering Tor - why have them? Could not the clearweb be left to just continue it's evolution into a corporate ...
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IPv6 Exit Policy Summary none defined

Does that means that I'm an exit node if somebody connects to me through IPv6?
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ExitNodes doesn't seem to work Jordan {JO}

I wanted to change my torrc file so the ExitNodes is Jordan {JO}. When I did that, the Tor Browser couldn't connect.
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How often do Tor exit nodes change Ip addresses?

A majority of Tor traffic is routed through around ~80 exit nodes I was wondering how often do these exit nodes change their ip addresses? There is a list of exit nodes here https://torstatus....
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ExitPolicy to local machine

There is a comment in the torrc man page that exit policies can target the local machine or private networks, like say : ExitPolicy accept ExitPolicy reject private:* Does anyone ...
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Accessing Tor hidden services over a single hop circuit

I will presage the expected warnings before posting my question: I fully understand the security risks involved using single hops, however, with regards to my goals I have zero need for anonymity. I ...
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Run Tor in the background via the shell

After configuring the Tor relay through a remote SSH session my terminal is still waiting (sort of stuck at this line on my remote SSH session ). it says: Nov 11 10:10:00.000 [notice] Performing ...
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All Tor nodes showing LOCATION as "Baghdad (Iraq) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) in Facebook

All Tor nodes showing LOCATION as Baghdad (Iraq) and Dhaka (Bangladesh) in Facebook. For the last 5 days, I have tried all the Tor nodes to log into Facebook to see if there was some kind of leakage ...
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How is 'Exit Probability' calculated?

Tools like Atlas graphs an Exit Node's 'Exit Probability': How is the Exit Probability calculated? (Bonus for a link to ...
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How the overriding of the exit nodes decrease anonymity?

I found in Tor FAQ only: ExitNodes $fingerprint,$fingerprint,... A list of preferred nodes to use for the last hop in the circuit, if possible. And cite: overriding the entry / exit nodes ...
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Tor Relay acts as an Exit with reject *:* [closed]

You can find the solution in the end of this post. My Tor relay is working as an Exit, but it is configured with ExitPolicy reject *:*. Hanswurst is the name of my relay. Arm is giving me the ...
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If I am an exit node can/should I restrict certain sites?

Can I pick and choose what sites a user can access via my exit node? For instance I might be very pro-facebook, but I probably have no interest in helping to conceal the identity of people downloading ...
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Where can I find the exit policy of exit relays that I'm using?

Where can I find the exit policy of all exit relays on my installed Tor? I could not find them on the Consensus file.
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Does traffic exit Tor at the same node for all ports?

Exit Relays can be set to allow traffic to exit the Tor network only over certain ports. Vidalia even makes this super-simple by giving options like "Normal, unencrypted Web browsing" or "IRC clients ...
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How can I set up the most useful Tor node?

I've heard of Torservers and Noisetor. I've considered donating to them, but I want to avoid consolidating the Tor network in those two organizations, so I'd like to operate my own Tor node. (I also ...
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What can I do to reduce risk of malicious traffic leaving my exit relay besides setting the exit policy?

I am considering running an exit relay. Unfortunately this opens possibility of legal issues and traffic restrictions from my Internet Service Provider. See Abuse FAQ and Legal FAQ. There is a nice ...
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