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This tag is to be used for questions about the encryption of Tor traffic or questions about encrypted data related to Tor.

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Do all .onion addresses use SSL/TLS?

Do .onion sites encrypt the information going through the exit node? Because a lot of them start with HTTP and not HTTPS.
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Why Tor node maintains TLS keys with every other Tor node?

I read that Tor proxy maintains key with each Tor node for encryption. Then, why does a Tor node maintains TLS keys with other Tor nodes?
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Are get variables encrypted when using Tor?

I'm relatively new to Tor and I was wondering if get variables in the address bar are visible to anyone other than the client and the server. Example: randomaddress.onion/login.php?a=47 Would ...
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How is data sent back from exit node to me?

I understand how the client sends the data through Tor to the sever. Onion routing Basically, it selects a set of nodes to form a circuit, say nodeA nodeB nodeC. It then encrypts the data this way: ...
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Is all traffic routed through Tor when using TBB?

Consider a computer connected to the Tor network through the Tor Browser Bundle: my question is does the whole internet traffic go through the Tor network like windows update, kaspersky update, vlc ...
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Does Tor team have plans to implement post-quantum asymmetrical encryption schemes?

There is information that NSA is building quantum computer. Since it would make it possible to crack RSA using Shor's algorithm and we unlikely to know if they will successfully build it and start ...
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Using Tor Proxy through other aplications

Before I proceed, I would like to mention that I understand that Tor browser integrates unique features such as not loading certain html canvases, scripts and a whole bunch of additions to make ...
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Visiblity of data in my network (Encrypted Tunnels)

My question is whether data about my addressed websites and me are visible/unencrypted within my network. E.g. I want to access '' using the Tor browser. Is the request for ixquick ...
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Tor/Tails Exit Node Connection Encryption

If I use a firewall (IPcop) to allow only HTTPS (443) traffic from the LAN/Tails box/Green NIC, and block all other protocols/traffic, is all traffic from the Exit Node guaranteed to be encrypted? ...
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Multi-VPN hopping Advantages/Disadvantages over Tor

I was told that using Tor and/or a VPN is always a tradeoff of privacy and anonymity. I'm wonder what combination of Tor, VPNs (paid or free), and proxies can help minimize this risk. For example, if ...
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How to completely delete every single trace of Tor from Windows 7 Truecrypt folder

I recently made a Truecrypt AES encrypted folder and installed the Tor Browser Bundle into it. I was wondering - if I delete the Truecrypt file, is there anything else left on my computer pointing to ...
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Encrypt traffic between my onion site and exit relays

Is it possible to encrypt all traffic between the last relay and my hidden service site? (I have tried to use an ssl certificate and configure tor like that: HiddenServicePort 443 but it ...
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When Forward Secrecy ciphers are used, the Torproject website uses 1024 bit key exchange; Can this be improved? [closed]

While the website of Torproject uses a 2048 bit certificate, if Forward Secrecy ciphers are used, the key exchange is only 1024 bit: EDIT:...
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Does exit node encrypt three times for the return path to local machine?

I'm new to Tor, So I read the Short User Manual here I found this image in the link above, I understand Tor on my local machine encrypts everything thrice, what about the return path? Does the exit ...
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Is it illegal to use Tor and any encryption product in Russia?

I've read but also Is there a list of illegal Tor areas?. So I'm kind of confused, do you guys know anything about this matter?
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DNSSEC & DNSCrypt over Tor

I want to use DNSSEC and DNSCrypt with Tor. I wonder which configuration is more secure and better? SOCKS4 + dnscrypt-proxy: Forward the DNS traffic to a DNS server which I choose. Although the DNS ...
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Tor security if LE/ISP want me really bad

Let's say LE knows who I am ... they already know I am using Tor. Is there a way for them to create a surveillance from my ISP ? You will say Tor is encrypted except exit relay ... but common to the ...
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Custom cryptography for Hidden services

Tor support AES for symmetric cryptography which is fine but for asymmetric cryptography we might prefer something else (I guess now its RSA1024 which is almost broken and proposals are saying to ...
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Do all relays in a circuit encrypt data response from a server?

I know that when sending data from the Tor client to a server it is encrypted and gradually get decrypted on the way there. This question is about when the server responds. The data must be encrypted ...
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hidden services stability and cryptography

Are HSDirs stable or there is a chance to lose my hidden service if HSdirs shuts down? Also Why there is no way to make a hidden service use ECC instead of RSA?
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Is my Tor browser's connection to the Tor routing network encrypted?

I have frequently heard that the endpoints of a Tor connection are unencrypted. This makes no sense to me. If the purpose of Tor was originally to protect dissidents in places like China, then why ...
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When talking about a hidden service, what does it mean to have an encrypted descriptor? [closed]

What is an "encrypted descriptor?" What are the pros and cons of using one? In what version of Tor did they first become available? Are they automatically used (i.e. default)? If not, how do you ...
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Does Tor encrypt a client's connection to its entry node?

Does Tor encrypt a client's connection to its entry node? How does it do this?
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Where along the path is encryption used?

This question is born out of two questions that I saw coming up. Is the connection between my computer and the Tor network encrypted? How does Tor encrypt my traffic before it sends it to the server?...
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Are there any vulnerabilities in the process of onion routing?

In onion routing, messages are repeatedly encrypted and then sent through several network nodes called onion routers. Each onion router removes a layer of encryption to uncover routing instructions, ...
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