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This tag is to be used for questions about the encryption of Tor traffic or questions about encrypted data related to Tor.

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hidden services stability and cryptography

Are HSDirs stable or there is a chance to lose my hidden service if HSdirs shuts down? Also Why there is no way to make a hidden service use ECC instead of RSA?
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Can you have a setup with both VPN over Tor and Tor over VPN

Is it possible to first connect to a VPN (like NordVPN or another VPN which supports VPN over Tor) that is preconfigured for Tor and then connect to a VPN once you are browsing in Tor to encrypt both ...
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Is Mix-Kaskading based on the Onion-Routing?

[Note: I'm no native english speaker] 1981 David Chaum first introduced Mix-Networks. 1995 Tor began its life as a research project in the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), where 1996 three ...
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Me->VPN->Tor->Socks5->Tor: Where would a honeypot do the most damage?

Since most vpn's are untrustworthy, and Tor exit nodes can be hosted by malicious entities, im trying to create a trustless chain of anonymization and encryption. I feel as there might be flaws in my ...
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VPN Router + Tor and 2nd VPN Local Machine Clarifications

Hello my question is I have my router configured to connect through a vpn (VPN A). Thus all Internet traffic on my network goes through a vpn. If I run tor on a local machine with a 2nd vpn (VPN B), ...
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Recovery of Tails persistent volume disk image copy using hashcat

I mistyped the password for a temporary persistent storage volume I made, having misplaced my normal Tails drive. I have attempted to follow OPs instructions from here:
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Can the attacker's malicious node see the full link of .onion sites users have access to?

If we talk about .onion sites only, can the bad nodes see the part of site's link? Like "example.onion/" or full link like "example.onion/user404/data/page/example123.txt"? I don't talk about IP of ...
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How to view circuit details (including security keys) in Tor?

I wonder if its possible to find the session keys for Tor's circuit for a hidden service such as facebookcorewwwi.onion (or public site)? There are 4 keys used in connecting to a site: Key between ...
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What encryption does Tails use for persistent storage?

I've gathered that persistent storage in Tails uses LUKS, but I can't find the specifics of the encryption, e.g. the algorithm. Most of the Tails website and other various places is scant with ...
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Why site security information shows "Connection Is Not Secure",eventhouth web address show HTTPS?

Is it normal that the site security information always shows "Connection Is Not Secure" on all websites even when the web address shows https.The website identity always shows "This website does not ...
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Why does Tor only work on TCP?

Is it because of the nature of it's encryption protocol? I'm assuming there are other reasons as well, but I have not been able to find any information about it.
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Is HSDir based attack is still possible nowadays? +Need some info

I've read some information from 2014-17 about attacking possibilities which have or had nodes are called ''HSDirs'' At first what i need to know, HSDir node it is also ''exit'' or third node from ...
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