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Domain Name System (DNS) translates word-based domain and host names to numerical IP addresses.

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How does Tor route DNS requests?

Tor can only handle TCP connections, but DNS is a UDP protocol. How does Tor route DNS requests over its TCP based network? Why can the same approach not be used to route all UDP traffic over Tor?
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.onion Domains DNS lookup

How does Tor resolve .onion Domains? Are there also some central DNS servers in the Tor network that store these records? Is there a chance that two hidden services generate the same domain name?
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How can I test an application for proxy leaks?

If I have an application that supports a SOCKS proxy, and I point it at a running Tor instance, how can I be sure that all traffic the application sends (including DNS requests) are sent through the ...
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Signal NEWNYM vs Stream isolation

Resources. This answer explains well what happens at NEWNYM request, and I also dig into the code, yet my lack of knowledge on low level networking prevents me to make a proper design decision if ...
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Register .onion as gTLD?

For some weeks in 2012, "arbitrary" gTLDs could be applied for at ICANN: On June 20, 2011 ICANN's board voted to end most restrictions on the generic top-level domain names (gTLD) from the 22 ...
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How are domain names created in the Tor network? [duplicate]

I wonder how the .onion domain names can be created? I mean, I don't assume that there is any central domain name provider. So how and where are those addresses created?
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Good DNS services for exit nodes

Open DNS and others hijack failed DNS lookups. Some DNS services censor or block access to sites due to government or corporate coercion. Is there a list of preferred DNS servers, ones that don't ...
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How would a registration of the .onion gtld impact the Tor network?

The title pretty much says it all. What effects would a gtld registration of .onion domain have on the Tor network, is this something to worry about? Or is it something to welcome and slap a web2tor ...
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How does Tor handle DNS poisoning?

Tor uses an exit node to resolve DNS as per How does Tor route DNS requests?. Isn't it very easy for the exit node to serve a fake website by DNS poisoning? How does Tor handle this threat?
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How do I resolve DNS using Tor?

I don't want my traffic to be proxied though Tor, but I want to anonymize DNS requests. How do I use Tor as a DNS server?
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How do I revoke a .onion address?

Can I revoke a .onion address, to "open it" back up for registration? It is possible, in the world of certificate authorities, to maintain revocation lists for keys that have been compromised or are ...
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Debian-based: torsocks + Chromium-browser = DNS Leakage?

System: latest Kali ( Debian-based ) $ torsocks chromium-browser 00:00:00 libtorsocks(1): sendmsg: Connection is a UDP or ICMP stream, may be a DNS request or other form of leak: rejecting. 00:00:00 ...
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Clearing the client side DNS cache provides privacy improvement?

Context. In my quest on figuring out if I must use NEWNYM signal or stream isolation is enough for me I dig into the code and narrowed down the possible privacy improvements that NEWNYM can bring over ...
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Cloudflare's new .onion DNS resolver?

Cloudflare recently announced their new "hidden DNS resolver". https://dns4torpnlfs2ifuz2s2yf3fc7rdmsbhm6rw75euj35pac6ap25zgqad.onion/ I'm wondering if it can be used with the tor browser or the ...
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torrc DNSPort 53 - Tor browser will not start / Ubuntu 15

I try to set up a local redirection through tor as described here: My system is Ubuntu 15.04. Fresh Tor installation works fine. ...
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resolving onion domains partially fails

Init: For user anonymous configured transpared proxy. Wireshark sniffing lo... Trying to use console network-tools torified. anonymous@kali:/tmp$ time strace -s6000 -t -f dig facebookcorewwwi....
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Tor Browser's "new circuit": SSL session, DNS cache, and other details

If I understand correctly Tor Browser's "new circuit" attaches new connections to a new circuit while letting old connections finish in the old circuit. It does not clear out cookies, so ...
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