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Questions tagged [client]

Questions which deal with Tor as a client.

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Whonix - How to get Java Plugin installed/working on Iceweasel? + GUI, Troubleshooting questions

I need help installing or messing with certain things on Whonix. Most important is getting Java to work on it in the browser. I've installed Iceweasel and Chromium, and JRE 8 and JDK6 (long story...),...
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How to prevent torsocks timeouts from concurrent calls?

I'm running a distant HTTP server, serving a single page, used for delay measurements purposes. From my client, I'm generating multiple different custom circuits each being assigned a new upcoming ...
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How does a Tor client find the correct HSDir to connect to when fetching a "descriptor" of a hidden service?

It seems that a Tor client connects to a HSDir through a circuit of 3 Tor nodes when retrieving a hidden service descriptor. But to access a hidden service, a user only needs to know the .onion ...
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Tor client node ignores `set_config` from Stem

I was doing some experiments for a project on a Tor test network. I used Chutney to set up a small network and Stem to control one of the client nodes in the network. Because I made some changes on a ...
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Why is it so hard to use an internal relay that has no Guard flag as Guard Relay?

I've set up a tor relay that has no Guard flag, but I want to use it as a Guard relay when I use Tor from outside. But sometimes it works and sometimes not. Why is this so hard and what can I do to ...
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JavaScript exception when using "Safest" security profile in Tor

I'm using the "Safest" security profile in Tor (accessible via about:preferences). Here's one point in the description for that profile: JavaScript is disabled by default on all sites. (...
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How can I analyze Tor traffic on my relay?

I'm doing a research on Onion routing (Tor). I've successfully set up a middle relay for the purpose of analyzing Tor traffic. I'd like to: See all circuits that my relay is currently part of See &...
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SIGNAL response contained unrecognized status code: 514

I'm trying to use tor as a proxy for a few HTTP requests as described in Stealthy Crawling using Scrapy, Tor and Privoxy, but instead of privoxy, I'm using tor's built-in HTTP tunnel. This is my tor ...
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Seperating the browser from the client

I really like the simplicity and the interface of the tor browser's configuration and connection step. Maybe it is not as simple as the terminal but after trying to configure I had to admit defeat. I ...
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Can not connect toTor : not able to authenticate relays

I set up a DirServer and 3 relays, but my client can not build a circuit. My info.log is like this: Apr 23 19:52:26.000 [notice] Tor (git-0edaa32732ec8930) opening new log file. Apr 23 19:52:...
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