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Bootstrapped at 10% for hours [duplicate]

I try to use Vidalia Bundle with certain application. It used to be stuck at 'starting Tor' if I recall correctly. So, I set it as 'run as client only' and added some bridges. Now it's stuck at 10% ...
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How does a Tor client pick Tor nodes for circuit creation?

A Tor client initially contacts Directory Authorities to fetch the consensus (i.e. a file containing all relays of the Tor network at that time with details such as IP address, exit policy, public key ...
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Would running Tor client and Tor relay simultaneously harm my anonymity?

If I run a Tor relay in a machine and at the same time I use the same instance as a Tor client, would that harm my anonymity ? Would it be better to use different Tor instances on the same machine? ...
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Where along the path is encryption used?

This question is born out of two questions that I saw coming up. Is the connection between my computer and the Tor network encrypted? How does Tor encrypt my traffic before it sends it to the server?...
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Using Tor Browser with alternate Tor client - works but issues warning

I run a relay on a NAS box in my network. It is setup so that I can use it as a client from other machines in my network: [NOTICE] You configured a non-loopback address for SocksPort. This allows ...
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What is the "TLS write overhead" percentage reported in Tor log entries?

Tor sometimes logs entries similar to this: Sep 27 03:21:32.000 [notice] TLS write overhead: 13% What does this line mean? Is there a value where this indicates problems?
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How can I optimize the connection bandwidth and response time for Tor-browsing?

How can I achieve the optimal connection for using Tor as a client, in terms of bandwidth and response time, given infinite resources? Can I set up a server with very strong connection and do a VPN ...
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Does Tor encrypt a client's connection to its entry node?

Does Tor encrypt a client's connection to its entry node? How does it do this?
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How many times does client fetch the consensus file from directory authorities?

I am wondering that how many times a client "talks" to Directory Server (say, it can be a hard-coded Directory Authority Server, or just a normal Directory Server) to fetch the consensus file, knowing ...
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Few questions about connecting to Tor hidden services

I am hoping some one can help expand my knowledge on how a user connects to a hidden service, I have read the specification, but have found it confusing and still have some questions. Sorry if any ...
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What are some ways an ISP blocks access to Tor network or to websites visited using a Tor client?

Is it possible for an ISP to block access to Tor network or block access to websites accessed through Tor network/client?
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