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Questions tagged [chrome-os]

Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system designed by Google to work primarily with web applications.

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10 votes
3 answers

Tor on Chromebook/Chrome OS

Google's Chrome OS runs on Chromebooks built by different manufacturers. Various applications can be installed via the Chrome store but there's no straightforward way to install Tor. How could one ...
0 votes
1 answer

Tails Cloning installer fails on acer chromebook 14 [duplicate]

Acer chromebook 14 cb3-431-c5cq I've booted into the primary installer [lexar 8gig] I then open installer before plugging in the verbatim 16gig drive, select it from the drop-down and start the ...
4 votes
1 answer

Tor for Chromebook [duplicate]

I am thinking of getting a Chromebook in the not so distant future. However, I want to be able to use Tor on it. However, since, at least that is my perception, everything goes through Google, will ...