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Security vulnerabilities for http login of self-hosted nextcloud server over tor?

After setting up my own Nextcloud server over tor, using a private .onion domain, and http, I am unsure about the security implications of using http in this setup. I learned one can buy a .onion ...
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API to get Tor SSL certificates

Some onion websites, like facebook, have TLS implemented on top of Tor. Is it possible to fetch the certificates and TLS versions of these connections using something like torpy?
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Tor Browser: "Connection not secure" no matter what site

I get an error "Connection not secure" if I connect to any website using Tor Browser. I get this error only when I use Tor Browser in Manjaro Linux, I have no problem if I use Tor Browser in ...
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Can't start relay - certificate error

Upon trying to start it I get this: Mar 04 08:09:00 beeldbox Tor[30025]: No signature found on key certificate Thing is this was working fine yesterday I've finally built up enough consensus weight ...
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Noscript DISABLED on tor 8.0.8

Noscript is completely disabled/turned off in Tor 8.0.8 and there is no way to turn it back on. I have tried reinstalling. If I try to install any version of Noscript on the firefox addon store, Tor ...
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Detailed Understanding of Tor's connection establishment

I am really new to Onion Routing and Tor and I have just started reading about the topic on Wikipedia and the Tor Protocol Specification. Most of the concepts are explained very well but I have ...
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RSA keys explanations

I am currently reading the Tor Spec (and other Tor-related technical documents) and have some questions about RSA keys. I can't understand why the "connection key" is used to establish the TLS ...
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Can I get a Let's Encrypt certificate for hidden services? [duplicate]

Is it possible to use Let's Encrypt to generate a certificate for an .onion address? From what I read, it is currently not supported, but I wonder whether there are technical reasons preventing it, ...
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cert type 4, 5, 7 in cert cell

I'm working on a piece of code that will allow to me connect and pass tcp traffic through socket by implementing the TOR protocol. I'm currently working on certs cells, and there's a node that gives ...
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What is mean "" in wireshark when i establish tor connection using Tor Browser?

I am just get started in wireshark and tor, so please don't laugh) When i establish connection to tor, using tor browser i saw in wireshark some unclear packet. After SYN (9) -> SYN,ACK (10) -> ACK ...
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unable to find valid certification path to requested target Error

I downloaded the Tor browser, and ran the Tor exe file. I then run the code shown below to try an access a website using SOCKS SocketAddress sockAddr = new InetSocketAddress("localhost",9050); ...
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TBB Sec Error Unknown Issuer (Comodo CA) [closed]

I'm trying to access through the Tor Browser Bundle, but I get the "connection not secure" warning. TBB says the issuer certificate is unknown. I can access the site just fine ...
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Latest TBB never accept self-sign certificate

about:preferences#advanced -> Certificates -> ViewCert In Firefox, I can add my own self-sign cert to browser. However, in latest TBB(6.0+) I can't add certificate. This is annoying because I ...
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SSL certificate for Tor

I have setup a Tor Hidden Service, and have the .onion domain. I wish to setup HTTPS. As I am using a self signed cert when a user visits my site they get a warning, which is extremely off putting. ...
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How to easily verify certificates on .onion versions of clearnet sites?

According to various sources (like this question) DuckDuckGo has an onion site. However, I can't easily find any mention of it on their clearnet site (but I stumbled across a special search result ...
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Hidden service private key chain

Can a certificate chain be used for a hidden service's private key? It would be nice to be able to periodically re-sign a public key and upload it to the host. This would mean that in the case of the ...
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How do I revoke a .onion address?

Can I revoke a .onion address, to "open it" back up for registration? It is possible, in the world of certificate authorities, to maintain revocation lists for keys that have been compromised or are ...
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Certificate authorization spoofing

I am somewhat new to Tor and am now using it for everything. I have seen old posts recommending it not be used for online banking etc. From my experience with cryptography, this seems ludicrous ...
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Tor blocked due to invalid SSL certificate

My Censor generally blocks Tor, so I decided to use obfuscated bridges in the hope that that would work. But either the pluggable transport does this ... >13/06/2014 10:03:26 AM.374 [NOTICE] ...
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I can't access ANY website: Connection refused (WSAECONNREFUSED)

I have a Windows ultimate/32 PC. Sometimes when I try to open Tor, the Launcher indicates "Connection Refused" as stated above. Other times the Launcher message is "Tor failed to establish a Tor ...
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How to validate certificates?

In firefox sessions without a tor proxy, it seems worthwhile to use an extension that helps to validate SSL certificates (e.g. Perspectives or Certificate Patrol). Is there any way to handle this ...
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