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Building just Firefox for Tor Browser

I am actually working on modifying some parts of Tor Browser for my project and for that I will need to build Tor Browser's source code. I was following this website and after cloning tor-browser-...
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Compile Tor Browser on Raspberry Pi 2

I have seen a ticket opened about this on tor bug tracker, but no progress for over a year on the Tor Browser being available on arm processors. I have setup firefox with a proxy to use Tor but that ...
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how to build tor on windows using visual studio?

how to build tor which is a c project in visual studio c++? How to import tor source code?
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Is building tor with Portable Native Client a sensible thing to do?

I was able to build tor using the PNaCl toolchain by removing -z relro -z now from the make file and compiling with make CC=<pnacl clang binary>. Everything run by make test passes, and the ...
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