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The rate of data transfer. It may refer to both the rate what tor requires to function, and also the data rate of the embedded traffic.

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Wrong average bandwidth stats in arm?

See screenshot below. Arm seems to calculate a wrong average: "avg: 2.3 MB/sec". I haven't been close to 2.3 MegaByte/sec; not even as peek. That's my relay:
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why is the weight for guards in exit position equal to weight of both guard ans exit flagged nodes for exit position?

Why is the weight factor Weg set equal to Wed in tor code (in file dirvote.c)? How does it still result in correct probabilities?
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Is my ISP throttling the bandwidth of my Tor relay?

I am operating a Tor relay (OR) as an exit on a 10 MB/s speed network. But when checking from, it shows only 1 MB/s Advertised Bandwidth. Is it that my ISP is throttling my ...
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How do bandwidth authorities measure bandwidth?

After reading a number of questions and resources on bandwidth measurements and life cycle of tor relays: can anyone tell me about the bandwidth weights? Can anybody explain the Advertised bandwidth,...
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Automated script for selecting fast TOR circuit?

I noticed a significant variance in bandwidth with different TOR circuits. Some are fast enough for streaming HD videos, while others take ages just loading web pages unless Javascript is deactivated. ...
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Why is my middle relay not picking up much traffic?

I have been running a middle relay on a Linode VPS for many months now (atlas report). My only bandwidth-relevant torrc setting is AccountingMax, set to 2 TB. The available bandwidth advertised by ...
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A few questions about how bandwidth scanners work

I have a few questions related to how bandwidth scanners work. I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could answer any one (or all) of them: From what I read in the bandwidth scanners spec, my ...
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Tor client doesn't connect if relay's available bandwidth is less than x

Is there a way to config Tor client not to connect to relays which their usable bandwidth is less than 10Mbit/s ? I don't mean the relays total available bandwidth. I mean usable bandwidth by client ....
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Is it possible to use tc (traffic control) in linux to limit the upload speed?

Is it possible (and not compromising to anonymity in a noticeable way) to use tc (traffic control) in linux to limit the upload speed into Tor (and not limit the download speed)?
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Tor network used a little bit of my relay bandwidth. Why?

I have a Tor exit relay for about 6 months and assign 1600 KBps for RelayBandwidthRate. Until a week ago, used bandwidth on my relay was equal to 600-700 KBps. But in this last 6 days, used bandwidth ...
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Can a Hidden Service track you the same way an exit node can?

imagine if the onion service decided to be the malicious exit node itself. It’s not (Exit node) but could it travel back through its relays (possibly even skip) to the rendezvous point that track you ...
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One domain for multiple self-hosted services VS a single domain per service?

After generating a self-signed SSL certificate for a self-hosted Dash app, and verifying that it is accessible over tor, I intend to include self-hosted GitLab and Nextcloud over https. Hence, I was ...
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Advertised bandwidth rising but consensus weight falling?

I am a new non-exit relay operator, currently running TOR v4.5.4 rc on a RaspberryPi 3B+, on a FTTH connection. My relay is
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Details about Tor's Packaging Window and Delivery Window

I have learned Tor's congestion control policy from the paper: Tor:The Second-Generation Onion Router. But I don't understand Tor's Packaging Window and Delivery Window. The paper said: "The ...
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Higher probability that nodes with higher bandwidth are selected for circuit

In the course of my master thesis I am currently trying to rebuild a simplified version of the selection algorithm from Tor. During my research, I found the following selection algorithm in some ...
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Are the Bandwidth authorities and the Directory Authorities the same servers?

Are the Bandwidth authorities and the Directory Authorities the same servers? do the same people run both? or am i posing the wrong question, is reporting on bandwidth a job that the Directory ...
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