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Need help to trace an abusive email hacker

Can anyone help me how to trace back a pc/MAC address/IP Address/Location of an abuser. A mail was sent using one of our department's common email id by hacking into our email id and very abusive ...
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Is there any effort put into limiting/preventing abuse coming from tor exit nodes

Now services like facebook, google and cloudflare can 'misuse' the excuse to block tor because they receive abuse from it. Eg. I think google on purpose has faulty captcha's that you can enter ...
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Can I use the tor network in a script, won't I be abusing any rules?

I need to get some data from one website. The amount of data is big so I will need a script for this. And the site forbids the access after a dozen or so requests. I could use the tor network as a ...
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If everyone used Tor, how would websites protect themselves from malicious traffic?

This question came after seeing CloudFlare captchas, forums outright banning Tor IPs to protect themselves from malicious traffic, and all manner of hurdles where sites simply don't want Tor traffic. ...
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Critroni new bug in Tor

Security experts detected a new kind of Crypto ransomware that uses the Tor network to hide its antics. The so-called “Critroni” has been flogged on underground forums for a few weeks now and is ...
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How to best help site operators protect themselves from Tor based abuse?

The primary function of Tor, anonymity, is extremely valuable to many people around the globe. Unfortunately, it also makes Tor an easily abused tool for cybercriminals - among them spammers. There ...
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Do exit node operators risk being charged with downloading or trafficking child porn?

One of the most common reasons I hear for not running an exit relay is the risk of it being used to access child porn and the owner of the exit node being accused or charged with downloading or ...
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Are low bandwidth DoS attacks performed over the Tor network a problem to be considered?

For low bandwidth and slow DoS / DDoS attacks (for example Slowloris, SlowLoris and PyLoris) the Tor network seems to be very useful medium. For free it offers two important things to the attacker: ...
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Is it known if Tor communication deanonymization played role in Ross Ulbricht arrestment and Silk Road store takedown?

On October 2, 2013 Ross William Ulbricht was identified by FBI as the Silk Road black market website owner and was arrested. Silk Road was operated as a hidden service on the Tor network. See also: ...
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What can I do to reduce risk of malicious traffic leaving my exit relay besides setting the exit policy?

I am considering running an exit relay. Unfortunately this opens possibility of legal issues and traffic restrictions from my Internet Service Provider. See Abuse FAQ and Legal FAQ. There is a nice ...