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How can BitTorrent traffic be anonymized with Tor?

This blog post from a few years ago suggests that using BitTorrent services over Tor is a bad idea for multiple reasons. However, it also suggests some fixes to get over these problems. Is using a ...
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IP address in specific city

Do I have the ability to choose an exit IP Address at city-level? I need my IP address to show as Phoenix, Arizona. How do I chose that location for an IP Address?
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How reliable is setting an exit via country code?

In torrc, you can select exit nodes by country code ( - how reliable is that selection? Could a malicious (or simply poorly-configured) ...
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I want USA only ip addresses, how do i set that up? [duplicate]

Would like a step by step explanation on how i can set my Tor to only use USA ip/exit nodes, thank you....
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If download takes more than 10 minutes (Circuit refresh time), what happens to circuit change?

I have a very slow internet (120kbps) and so even saving a small file takes 15 minutes on a good day. I read tor switches circuit every 10 minutes, but if download proceeds more than 10 minutes, does ...
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Setting the country of the tor ExitNodes

I'm having some trouble in setting the country of the tor exit nodes. Following this link, by adding the bellow entries to the ./Data/torrc ExitNodes {ru} StrictNodes 1 an exit node from the ...
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Tor on linux - how to select exit nodes manually

On windows, there is an application called Advanced Onion Router (or, AdvTOR) which lets you choose your tor exit nodes, and it lists them all out. This is great, because some exit nodes have ...
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How to use a country specific Exit node for IRC, but random exit node for anything else?

While using Tails is it possible to use an exit node based in Norway which I want to use to connect to a Norwegian IRC server (the server blocks non-norwigian IPs). But I want all other traffic go ...
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How do you specify a specific ExitNode? [duplicate]

I want to specify an ExitNode that is near me, so I looked at OnionView and found the IP address of the one I want to use. What is the syntax to put in torrc? ExitNodes ExitNodes 73....
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New exit node with new identity that hasn't already been used?

I am using Tor to vote on a poll that tracks the IP address of the voter. Upon clicking new identity sometimes I get a previous used exit node instead of a new one. Is there a way to prevent that from ...
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Tor ExitNodes as ip address is not working

Tor ExitNodes accept ISO country code or Ip address.. Trying to connect Tor ExitNode like.. ExitNodes {X.X.0.0/16},{X.X.0.0/20} StrictExitNodes 1. but it's not working. so it is not possible ...
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How to set India as a country in tor browser? [duplicate]

I'm trying to use tor to test my website from UK. My website has custom content based on the geo-location of a user i.e; if a user opens from US IP he see's a US personalised content and if the user ...
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Can I choose a particular country IP address range? [duplicate]

When I'm out of the country, I want to make it look like I'm still there without a different country IP address. Is this possible and if so how please?
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selecting a tor node from a particular country [duplicate]

This is of interest, and was asked earlier about Netflix, but I'd like to do this for a low-bandwidth application. That is, if I'm in the U.S., and I'd like the site I'm looking at to see that my ...
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How do I restrict exit to one country while running under Tails [2.6]?

I recognize that the first part of this question resembles others here, but those answers DO NOT appear to work! If you wish to combine this with Can I exit from a specific country or node?, fine. ...
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