I am new to the Tor world, and I really like the idea of it!

But now I encountered some issue when I applied the "Torify" to my own python program

torify my_python_program

As stated in the URL:https://neverendingsecurity.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/proxify-applications-with-torsocks-tsocks-and-proxychains-on-linux/

This would make every requests made within my program go through Tor network.

This problem is that my python program would access various different websites, and one of them is even in the LAN.

By default, Tor will reject access to local addresses, and therefore I'll need to use its public IP/DNS. But What I really want is that Tor would just redirect the requests to the normal un-torified network.

Is this even possible with the current Tor implementation?

I am hoping there is some config I can change to keep a list of IPs that I want to access without Tor?

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