Somehow flash player has gotten inside Tor and I do not like it. It offered one-click enable flash, but it doesn't state its risks and how long it will be enabled. I don't want to give up privacy for any videos, in fact, I want flash player to never attach itself to Tor browser in the first place. I want to have no way of enabling flash player in Tor browser as long as it does not offer privacy by design(read: forever). And also how did this function appear? Was it the Tor update or the flash player update? I can't believe they did not even notify the users how much privacy they give up by this feature.

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    Somehow flash player has gotten inside tor... -- I think by "tor" you actually mean the Tor Browser Bundle - i.e. Tor client bundled with securely pre-configured Firefox in a single package. Dec 13, 2013 at 8:41

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Delete the Tor browser folder and reinstall the Tor browser bundle. Flash is not part of the TBB by default and can't be added without user intervention.


Are you using Windows 8? If so, I have the same problem. Apparently, Flash installs itself into your Windows 8 system through a software update. I found this walk-through on how to get rid of it from your machine. Hope it helps: http://betanews.com/2013/01/10/you-can-remove-adobe-flash-from-windows-heres-how/


You don't say what OS you're using. If you're using Windows, you can just prevent plugins from loading from the Windows registry in the Tor Browser (which is actually Firefox). I have tested this on Windows 7 with the Tor Browser Bundle v. 3.5.

To prevent the Tor Browser from loading plugins start by typing about:plugins into the browser to see what plugins you have installed. In this case, you should only see Flash installed.

Next, type about:config into your browser and then set the preference plugin.scan.plid.all to false. If you check about:plugins again, you will see that Flash is no longer listed. When you relaunch the Tor Browser, Flash will be gone.

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