I can't access any email or accounts whatsoever on Google using Tor because it gives me a CAPTCHA and when I fill that in it just sends me back to the same CAPTCHA but with a new image, in perpetuity. Every time, it says "To continue, please type the characters below".

Plus now every time I try to sign in to Gmail NOT using Tor, but after a Tor attempt, it forces me to create a new password.

Is there a way to get this working to use Google with Tor?

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    Can you please ask a question instead of complaining about Google? Do you want to try to use Google with Tor or are you searching for another service to use that is Tor friendly. – jamescampbell Feb 23 '16 at 16:06

If the captcha is via CloudFlare you're probably out of luck. I've got through 30+ captchas and then gave up. It's a known issue that CloudFlare seems very reluctant to remedy. It's not a Google issue (this time).


Gmail doesn't play nicely with tor.

It trys to geo-locate you via your IP address, and if you login from multiply different locations in a short amount of time, it figures you've been hacked. Sadly their is no way to get your account white-listed so your only option is to not use tor with gmail.

https://duckduckgo.com is a great search engine (other exist) and their are other email services (you can get gmail to forward your existing mail to a different account if you wish). i2p (a different anonymity tool) has a free email service which can be reached from the clear net.

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