If this is critically impacting Tails, for example, why hasn't there been an immediate upgrade to apply the patch?


Nick Mathewson wrote a mail to the tor-talk mailing list and analysed the situation. He wrote:

Tor never uses glibc's resolver to make DNS requests for any attacker-controlled addresses. So in order to mount an attack based on the this vulnerability, I think you'd need to successfully take over one of somebody's configured addresses, first by figuring out what they're resolving, and then either by compromising an appropriate DNS server or running an appropriate DNS cache poisoning attack.

So in short it seems quite hard to attack Tor with this vulnerability.

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    Don't forget, that running local DNS server is usual necessity when using Tor, so it can be affected if glibc is used – Alexey Vesnin Feb 17 '16 at 17:37

It does not affects the software, but the shared library is affected. I'm using CLang, for example, and not affected by it at all =) Take a look at the Proof of Concept here and check if you're vulnerable

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