I have hidden service with some hostname for it like eg: lbksdvcjhsdvcjhsdvc.onion

Can I set-up this hostname also for my VPS? I tried but it can't resolve name for onion domain. So is there a chance that I can set up correct my VPS hostname like the same for my hidden service?

eg. VPS hostname home.com www hostname home.com VSP hostname lbksdvcjhsdvcjhsdvc.onion www lbksdvcjhsdvcjhsdvc.onion

what I need to torify to properly resolve domain name for VPS with onion address?

I hope this question make sense :)


Yes it makes, you're adding a corresponding entry in /etc/hosts and just making this :

  1. Add an additional localhost interface lo0:0 with subnet
  2. Modify your lo0 to shorter scope - they must not intersect/interfere with an interface from pt.1
  3. Make tor bind it's DNS to
  4. Install ISC Bind and tie it to
  5. Tell bind to resolve dot-onion(.onion) addresses via like this:

    zone "onion" {
     type forward;
     forward only;
     forwarders {;

in your named.conf right inside the curlies({}) after the default zones

  1. Use your local named to resolve all the URL's you need, including dot-onion


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