I am having a need to register a twitch.tv account with TOR (my static IP got blocked thanks to my brother) but i am experiencing issue with account creation. The form doesnt allow me to go forward beacuse of really bad design of ReCaptcha "I AM NOT A ROBOT" button that after getting clicked requires me to repeat and repeat the procedure of clicking road signs. I think it has something to do with constantly changing IP. I even replaced

SocksPort 9150 IPv6Traffic PreferIPv6 KeepAliveIsolateSOCKSAuth


SocksPort 9150 IPv6Traffic PreferIPv6 NoIsolateSOCKSAuth

as described here: How to prevent a circuit from changing between browser tabs? but i kept those IPv6 stuff in torrc-defaults file. Even after changing those prefs i STILL experience same issues with ReCaptcha. Any solutions?

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