Similar to Access local router in Tor Browser?, but I'm using an Onion Pi. This unfortunately prevents some local uses such WiFiKeyboard which sends typing from a laptop to an Android. I know that it's just a convenience feature, but I would like to learn how to set that up. Reading through the occurrences of 192.168 in the torrc sample and the man page didn't make the answer clear.

Therefore: Which torrc setting corresponds to the answer in the above referenced question (options […] advanced […] network […] connection settings […] choice to not use a proxy for 192.168...)? What do I have to set in order to allow local connections?

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The occurences in torrc are to :

  1. Bind SOCKS listener to port 9100 on address via SOCKSPort directive

  2. Allow connections from subnet to the SOCKS proxy via SOCKSPolicy accept

The problem you're experiencing is that INSIDE a Wi-Fi network devices can't talk to the Raspberry Pi, i.e. the apps running on it. It's a firewall trouble and it has completely no link with Tor itself. If you're using IPTables, use them to fix it : iptables -A INPUT -s -j ACCEPT insert it BEFORE diverting rule. Also you may need to correct your diverting rule to not wrap-up everything, but only all not destinating to your local network(s), but just one ACCEPT rule should be fine if you don't have a complex firewall setup. Post your iptables --list or/and iptables --all --list here if you will have any further problems

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