I downloaded new TOR and got an ad on the top of the browser stating "Please support TOR DONATE" with a pic of Cory Doctorow on the top of the page. I never saw TOR advertise before. Is this the real TOR or am I compromised?


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The latest release info says:

Tor Browser 5.0.5 comes with a banner supporting our donations campaign. The banner is visible on the about:tor page and features either Roger Dingledine, Laura Poitras or Cory Doctorow which is chosen randomly.

  • It is also noteworthy that the banner only appears 10 times in total. I briefly thought my browser was owned until I read gk's comment in the tor browser 5.0.6 release blog post. It is only shown 10 times in total. If you want to see it again just set extensions.torbutton.donation_banner.shown_count to a value smaller than 10. :)
    – Joey
    Dec 18, 2015 at 23:03

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