I have tried using curl through tor like so

 curl --socks5 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.onion

This works for public addresses like stackoverflow.com but not for tor .onion addresses

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You should use --socks5-hostname instead of just --socks5.

This way, the socks5 proxy does the hostname resolution. Otherwise curl tries to resolve the hostname itself, which it can't.


Moreover, you should use torsocks - built-in utility for working with Tor Network.

It is designed to prevent any leakage! Please, read the man page.

For example:

root@localhost:/# torsocks curl XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.onion

Otherwise, if you are trying to resolve .onion name to IPv6, you are able to use tor-resolve utility, it is built-in too:


root@localhost:/# tor-resolve kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion 

Of-course, this IP address it temporary one and can be used only from your localhost for the limited time.

Moreover, your traffic shall be redirected through Tor's transparent proxy connections port - TransPort, which is always, by default 9040. See the documentation about transparent & isolated proxies on the torproject.org's wiki site.

Thereafter, you can use this IP directly with curl:

anonymous@localhost:/$ curl fe80:7cd1:5f4e:a9d5:dfe:1976:5edf:4386

Or just use .onion domain:

anonymous@localhost:/$ curl XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.onion

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