Is there a list of countries and organizations blocking Tor somewhere?

So I am basically looking for a list where the use of Bridge Nodes is the only way to connect to the Tor network.


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According to the documentation, China has succeeded to block Tor partially because China’s Internet is fundamentally different.

Apparently, Iran went a little bit farther in blocking Tor according to this documentation.

Tor is used to circumvent censorship:

enter image description here

Russia also wants to do the same (VPN and TOR Ban Looming on the Horizon for Russia) but apparently it can not.

Also, after the recent attacks on Paris, France want to ban the use of Tor (France wants to BAN Tor and Free Wi-Fi Services after Paris Terror Attacks) but for the moment I can use it :)


Actually, no. Because even the countries that officially are not blockin Tor are often trying to play bad things with it, like Russia I'm currently living in...

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