Without using tor2web is there a way for my Java program to connect to a hidden service .onion and retrieve data, for example search and then download a file?

I want the easiest solution possible, so it does not just have to be a programming solution.

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    Can you please describe what you mean by Java program? Any details of the current setup would help answer your question. I have a few suggestions but they involve Python, PHP, or Privoxy. Dec 5, 2015 at 1:11

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Try Silvertunnel-NG and configure other libraries to use its socks proxy to connect to .onion .


You can use any networking library for Java that speaks SOCKS5, then you can make connections via localhost:9050 to any location-hidden services (or clearnet services) via Tor.


If you are on a linux machine (possibly also other OSes), you can try the torify tool which comes with tor. It receives a command line as an argument and sends the TCP connections of that program through the Tor process running on your machine.

PS: I use it myself to connect to a sshd running on my .onion from outside.

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