If I want to use the Tor browser as a non root user is there a way to do it without having to completely logout of the root workspace and log back in as another user?

Basically have the browser run without root privileges?

Using Debian/Ubuntu Linux.


You can run any command as a different user using sudo:

sudo -u my_user tor-browser-en

If you need to use multiple commands you can do this:

sudo -u my_user sh -c "first && second"

If you want to background the application, you should not do this (it will only work as expected if you're already authenticated with sudo):

sudo -u my_user tor-browser-en & # Don't do this

but rather this:

sudo -u my_user sh -c 'tor-browser-en &'

The latter will ensure that you're asked for the sudo password before the browser is run in the background.

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  • Here's a stupid question... how do I set it up so I can run "tor-browser-en" in the command line? Is there an apt-get way to download? I've looked but haven't seen one... – Dirk Calloway Nov 22 '15 at 1:44
  • You might want to check/ask on askubuntu.com - I don't use a Debian derivative distro myself. – l0b0 Nov 22 '15 at 19:34

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