On which sites like youtube can I watch videos in html5 over Tor? How can I make downloads with TBB of videos that do not support html5?

I want to see videos at vimeo.com but unable to so with TBB.


http://en.savefrom.net/ works well for youtube content that doesn't have an HTML5 version, this site seems to convert the download to an MP4 rather than a FLV as well. I would imagine it would work with Vimeo too but haven't tried.


What Vimeo needs is the H.264 codec on you machine and you have to enable that on Firefox.

I assume you are using TBB with Firefox 24 on Linux, as by default Windows 7 supports h264, Win XP will not be supported.

These steps work on TBB/Firefox/Iceweasel -> Firefox now with h264 on Linux Quoting from it

..the media.gstreamer.enabled preference can be enabled via about:config. Aside from enabling the option in Firefox, the GStreamer libraries must be installed on the system."

Hope this helps.


Alpha-7-Bravo-Blog (Tor hidden service) has several interesting pages of html5 video and is always adding more. Most of the content is encoded at 128k/s or 256k/s so the tor network can provide a reasonable transport.

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