Tor Cloud makes running a full-time bridge in the cloud fairly easy, and using Amazon's EC2 means there are plenty of locations available at a moderate price. This means though that a lot of Tor-eggs are going into one Amazon-sized basket. Are there any major non-Amazon alternatives?

As diversity is so important for the Tor network it would be great to have similarly simple options for other cloud/VPS providers, without being locked into a single option. How difficult would it be to port the Tor Cloud AMI from Amazon to something like a Linode StackScript or a DigitalOcean Droplet?

Failing that, is there anything similar to the Vidalia Bridge Bundle for Linux servers that could easily be installed onto a commodity VPS and left to run?

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Setting up your own bridge on a standard Linux system is not very difficult.

Any cloud provider that provides you with an Debian or Ubuntu option would be a good start. Get the base image, install the debian packages Tor provides and configure your torrc accordingly. Optionally, add pluggable transports.


Maybe this should just be documented better.

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