So how do I do this in MacOS Yosemite and Windows 7 ?

In the previous windows releases Tor wasn't running in the background so I could just close the app and run it again. But in the new version when I start the app it stays in the background and I only see it in Task Manager.

Same happens in MacOS, it's only visible in the terminal if I use "ps". Is "killing" it the only way?


You have two options :

  • send a SIGHUP to tor via killall -HUP tor
  • setup a ControlPort and via telnet control protocol send SIGNAL NEWNYM

For your MacOS related query, from the terminal you can send Tor a HUP signal to re-read its config files and create a new circuit without actually killing the process: killall -HUP tor

See the following thread for a similar discussion: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16987518/how-to-request-new-tor-identity-in-terminal

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