I’m currently working on Roster, a tor project that aims to reward relay operators with good relays.

Besides the obvious requirements of a good relay (e.g. speed, geo-diversity, constant uptime), what qualities make a relay valuable to the Tor network and its users?

While this may not have a definite answer, I would appreciate all opinions on the matter.

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I'll give it a shot:

  • consistent fast speed being #1
  • rewards based on total bandwidth available/consumed per period
  • total consistent uptime
  • Identity verification (at least online or via email)
  • Community involvement (member of tor-relays, tor-talk, etc)
  • Number of successful responses to complaints
  • Hosting in a country that the Tor Network needs for geo-diversity
  • bonus for multiple relays properly configured as a family
  • rewards for a more open exit policy (e.g. :)
  • running latest version of Tor or how fast the system upgrades
  • running a server following best practices guide checklist (FDE, strong passwords, maintained patch levels, etc)
  • Optional flags (e.g. HSDir, directory mirror)

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