In the current versions of Tor (4.5.1) every time a new tab is opened a new circuit is made - causing the ip to change.

Consider the following scenarion:

  1. User logs into firstsite.com - session/cookie data stores originating IP address among other credentials
  2. User clicks on link at firstsite.com to access secondsite.com
  3. firstsite.com sends IP address along with other credentials to secondsite.com
  4. Authentication fails at secondsite.com because a new circuit has been formed in the new tab and the IP's no longer match.

I have tried TrackHostExits, MaxCircuitDirtiness, NewCircuitPeriod. Is there any way to keep the same circuit across an entire browser session?

  • Have you found a way to do it? I'm having the same issues. I need to put the SocksPort line to the torrc? Because I tried that and didn't worked. Any step by step guide maybe?
    – user10402
    Commented Jan 6, 2016 at 12:10

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You can set the NoIsolateSOCKSAuth isolation flag on the Tor Browser SocksPort, e.g.

SocksPort 9150 NoIsolateSOCKSAuth

Or, for a more limited approach, something like

MapAddress *.firstsite.com  *.firstsite.com.whatever.exit
MapAddress *.secondsite.com *.secondsite.com.whatever.exit

Use TrackHostExits firstsite.com,secondsite.com and NoIsolateDestAddr SocksPort options. It should keep your address AND don't separate the requests coming to the different addresses

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