I am trying to set up my own hidden service following this tutorial:


I have, however, recognized a problem when I got to the point where I have to edit torrc file, which in my case is blank. I thought it's a tor system file, so it ought to be somewhere else, I searched for it using windows search, came back with only one result, the blank one. Can anyone tell me how to work around this?


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It does not matter. The old torrc file contents were moved to torrc-defaults file (in the same folder), but you should be able to write your hidden service configuration in the blank torrc file without a problem nevertheless.


I guarantee you Torrc is there. If you can't navigate to it graphically, do nano /etc/tor/torrc in a terminal- it should solve your problems.


become a hosting a hidden service is much Risk than just browing it / become a relay , actually using Orbot / OnionShare that can everybody without PhD degree in computerSecience still canbe a GEEK

however , dont use speical Keywork likes Co-VeeWMD_Cryto or OmiconMarket that may getting filtering by UTM/NGFW etc , however we suggest all the Geek Using SATCOM(starLink)/remore rural location (2/3G only/No 4/5G signal) to setup HiddenService to avoid your frontDoor breakthough by Authority >_< escept Food deilivery

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