I want to start the Tor Browser to a specific url from command-line but I don't found any way to do that.

On Linux, i know the "start-tor-browser" script exist but I don't found it on Mac OS X (10.10) after install the Tor Browser Bundle (here)

In the Tor Browser.app I found a "firefox" command, but this start a regular firefox...

So, i look for something like this :

tor-browser https://www.example-url.com

Thank you in advance for your help

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Tor server you can start by simply typing: tor.

Web browser by:

/Applications/TorBrowser.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox http://example.com/

If you're using it quite often, you can make an alias, such as:

alias tor-browser="/Applications/TorBrowser.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox"

and add it into your ~/.bashrc file.


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