The Tor connection was unstable so I had to use bridges.Got the bridges from bridges.torproject.org and put in the torrc file:

UseBridges 1
# This works for Ubuntu Linux, adjust the path according to your platform
ClientTransportPlugin obfs3 exec /usr/bin/obfsproxy managed
Bridge obfs3 ip:port Hex
Bridge obfs3 ip:port Hex

I replaced ip:port and Hex for privacy reasons. (was it necessary?)

The Tor was connecting fast and working until added ExitNodes {US} at the end of torrc. after that every time I run Tor it stops at the 50% of connecting process. here's the related part of the log:

[notice] Bootstrapped 50%: Loading relay descriptors
[notice] No circuits are opened. Relaxed timeout for circuit 3 (a General-purpose client 1-hop circuit in state doing handshakes with channel state open) to 115151ms. However, it appears the circuit has timed out anyway. 0 guards are live.
[notice] Delaying directory fetches: No running bridges

How to use bridges and ExitNodes simultaneously?



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