I am confuse about how to edit torrc file to add a proxy after tor. I saw that I have to edit the .torrc to do so, but adding a socks4/5 proxy remains unclear, either on the tor manual, or others websites.

I want to do so to access website that recongnise tor users and dismiss them. For linux commands, I use to edit the proxychains-ng (by rofl0r) configuration file and it was straightforward but for browsers...

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This is not currently supported by Tor or the Tor Browser. You will most likely have to come up with a solution yourself. A workaround might be pointing Tor Browser at your proxychained Tor.

  • Ok so after edit proxychains.conf, I would type : sudo proxychains torbrowser Or, if all my traffic is currently routing via tor : sudo proxychains firefox/chrome Is it correct ?
    – user7255
    Apr 21, 2015 at 13:34

To pot a proxy AFTER Tor, i.e. to make Tor use proxy to connect to the outside world use :

  • HTTPProxy + HTTPProxyAuthenticator username:password
  • HTTPSProxy + HTTPSProxyAuthenticator username:password
  • Socks4Proxy
  • Socks5Proxy + Socks5ProxyPassword password

as it's clearly said in the official FAQ

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